Thursday, December 23, 2010

It Bears Repeating...

This never gets old and bears repeating especially as traffic and to-do lists begin to overshadow the season.

Monday, December 20, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Reason...

Nothing like a little last minute motivation to get me over the holiday hump. Middle son (formerly known as College Boy) is flying home today for the Christmas holidays. Now that he's all grown up and not sleeping in a dorm bed, I had to assume that he would prefer the guest room in the lower level to his former shell of a room (with a twin bed). That meant that the vents needed to be opened up downstairs so he wouldn't turn into a popsicle overnight. Once I was down there, I realized that since no one else had been down there in 6 months, all manner of creepy crawly things had taken up residency and many had died of hypothermia so there was some dusting and vacuuming that needed to be done. And even though I said I was going minimalistic this year, I just couldn't bear not having any kind of decorations so I brought out the snowmen collection and put up the 3 snowmen trees.

I still need the ingredients for his favorite cookies but thought we'd pick them up at the grocery store on our way home from the airport as well as a week's supply of cereal just in case he's outgrown Apple Jacks as well as the twin bed.

College Girl has been home a week but is mostly using her room as a changing room for the next social event she has filled her schedule with. Her room looks nothing like it did a week ago but I don't mind it one bit. I hope to get her to myself on her birthday Thursday--maybe birthday cupcakes will seal the deal.

Hubby and first born son will straggle in as their work demands allow and once again my nest will be full of people and noise and food...

and I kind of like it that way!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look out Sarah Palin!

I've only seen one episode but I believe that I could give Sarah Palin's Alaska a little competition if TLC were to come hang out with me. Unlike Sarah, I was not born and bred in the place I've called home for the past 12 years. I have no claim to call it Gina Green's Iowa but a record of this southern girl's experience living on the frozen tundra might be entertaining.

Entertaining, like when I have to clear the driveway of snow. Occasionally, hubby's job has him out of town and I believe there is a direct correlation to his absence and significant snowfall. That is why I had children, specifically MALE children. Who knew they would grow up and move away and I would have to fend for myself?

So it might be entertaining to see...
  • Every new snow season when I have to remember how to run the snowblower (choke on or off to start? hold the lever thingy that turns the blade in to start or does it matter?)
  • Every new snow season when it takes me a few tries before I remember which method of clearing the driveway is most effective (side to side vs. down and back or a combination of the two).
  • The snow removal fashion show. My wardrobe consists of a strange combination of Cuddleduds, snowboarding pants left behind by one of those male children, whatever turtleneck is available, my first coat purchase after moving to Iowa--an Eddie Bauer snow jacket, accented by daughter's once owned fuzzy scarf and how many ever pairs of gloves I can fit on my hands and still have some dexterity.
My first shopping trip for a coat was overwhelming (rarely an emotion experienced by me while shopping). I never knew coats could be rated on how warm they were at 20 below or that they came with so many practical features (detachable hoods, inner pockets, zip in/out linings, etc)! Today, coat shopping is a science with base layers, outer layers and words like primaloft and triclimate. Don't get me started with Northface jacket names--it takes a linguistics degree to pronounce the various styles! But let me say that Cuddleduds is a southern girls best friend while living on the frozen tundra.

  • The snow removal strip down. I usually over-dress and start pulling off auxiliary clothing as I get overheated from the exertion.
  • Every Fall when I forget to put out those reflective markers telling me where the driveway and walkways end and begin. Really, you think after 12 years, I would remember.
  • But the most entertaining sight to see is snow blowing into the wind when I end up with a hair style more firmly in place than Freeze It Mega Freeze hairspray can provide
It's this time of year that makes me miss my native land of Texas and Arkansas where one may still be mowing the grass, sweeping the porch, or wearing jackets that are rated on their cuteness factor instead of wind chill factor.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010


"Laundry and grocery shopping after a week of vacation may be God's way of bringing balance back into our lives."

We're back from a week spent in warmer climates where there were beaches and palm trees and where cell phone service and internet access was nearly non-existent. It took a day or so to "unplug" but once we did, we remembered what it was like to read a newspaper (on actual paper), to use the room phone to make plans with friends, and to go through the day without making a Facebook or Twitter post.
We quickly adjusted to no agenda and no time constraints. To being served beverages of our choice while we lounged pool or beach side, and where the biggest decisions of the day was which activity were we going to participate in and which restaurant were we dining in for the evening.
Re-entry back to the real world began with a touching experience with the TSA agent on our return, a 40 degree change in temperature from take-off location to landing, and the realization that all those emails and voicemails now had to be dealt with!
Fortunately, it's a short work week then we're off for another couple of days to share Thanksgiving with family. I am blessed to have the opportunity for a relaxing week away, for great friends to share the experience with and for family to come back home to.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Week

It's birthday week for me and my first born. My birthday was the 3rd and was celebrated a day early with hubby who done good in the gift giving category. Wednesday was filled with Facebook messages from friends all around the country and cards and gifts from co-workers and friends. I am blessed to have a full and rich life filled with great people who are making daily contributions into my life.
Twenty-six years ago today and 3 days after my 27th birthday, I woke up in labor with our first born son. It was election day and since I was in early labor, we thought we'd make a pit stop and go vote. It was a presidential election that year and the voting line was out the door of the voting place. Since I was breathing through contractions, we decided to skip our civic duty and go directly to the hospital. We joked on the way that maybe we should toss out our 2 name choices and just wait to see who won the election and name the baby after the winner (bonus points to those of you who can tell me the name of the two candidates that year). We would have had to do some creative manipulation depending on the gender of the baby and the president elect so in the end, we decided to stick with our original name choices. My hubby did slip out after I was sufficiently drugged with an epidural and pulled the lever for the candidate of his choice then made it back in the nick of time. Jonathan David Green was born at 6 pm that evening weighing in at 8lbs. 10 oz. Our lives would never be the same! As a little guy, he was his dad's constant shadow and grew to be his companion sports fanatic. To his baby sister, he's a protective big brother, and with me is always generous with a hug or the willing recipient of a back scratch. He's taught me hard lessons on parenting and made me far less self-righteous.
Like all of us, he is a life in process and God has great plans for him beyond what these earthly parents can imagine.
Happy Birthday big Jon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Day Challenge

I challenged College Girl with living the next 10 days making healthy choices--eating real food and getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I know that is counter to the college culture but she was run down and feeling the effects of living life on the edge. She wasn't too keen on the challenge until I told her she could challenge me with something for the same 10 day period. She took the bait and challenged me to no Starbucks. Now you must realize that this was just after spending a week out of my routine stops at Starbucks and 10 days of already going without.
This could be painful--it's my favorite season of flavors and I pass at least three Starbucks stands on my way to work everyday.
I will miss you Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Hangin' with Payne...and a few other special people

I've just spent a week in one of my most favorite places with a few of my most favorite people. My nephew and his wife were in need of a daytime sitter for their sweet new baby, Payne. Several family members were taking turns watching thebaby and this past week worked out for me. The bonus is that my nephew and his sweet family live in the same town as College Girl and I was excited that I might get some quality time with her.

Payne was just as good as he could be. He is a very happy and scheduled baby so our days together were pretty routine. By Thursday, I was bold enough to venture out with him and take College Girl out for a little TLC. He slept the whole time and I remembered what it was like juggling a baby in a carrier, a diaper bag and a purse!

It was Homecoming Week at the Alma Mater so College Girl had responsibilities every evening to prepare for the Homecoming float & yard decorating. We caught what time we could together which included a trip to the Walmart to stock up on what the first 6 weeks of college life had depleted and a quick run through Old Navy in preparation for cooler weather to come.

Most evenings I was free to hang out in the swanky digs that a generous family member had made available and gave me time to connect with friends from days gone by. I spent a couple of evenings with some friends who have known me longer than my husband. They shaped my life in various stages and I am grateful for the time spent with them catching upon our lives. It was as if time and distance had no impact on our conversations and we picked up right where we left off the last

It was a great week that I would wrap up this way--
babies still smell sweet and I've still got skills,
every moment and dollar spent on my daughter was worth it,
and long lost friends are to be treasured!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Magazine basket is purged.
Razorback flag is hung.
Chili is in the crockpot.
Most of the dust bunnies are vanquished.
Grocery list made.
Floor vacuumed.
Blog post written.

I love being productive in my pajamas!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lunch time meeting with Bible study leaders. We shared soup, salad and stories of what we saw God doing.
Afternoon packing up his office. My boss, friend, and counselor. He's following God and moving on to the unknown. Leaving a gap in the church, around the office, and in my heart (this is feeling all too familiar).
Evening praying with other moms. All of us with children out of the nest. Some in college. Some in military. All finding their own way after high school. All us moms coming together for one purpose.
Other people in our lives. It's risky, sometimes it hurts. But mostly it's good. We were created for community. Take the risk. Open up. Invite in.

Standing in the Gap

It was an intense week--midterms and sorority initiation all rolled into one big, event packed, stressed filled week.
I couldn't be there.
So blessed that other people could be--good people, family.
They stood in the gap...and brought cookies and hugs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Things That Go Together

Apples and Caramel
Candy Corn and Peanuts
Sweaters and Sunglasses
Pumpkins and Mums
Popcorn and m & ms
Corn and Mazes (it's an Iowa thing, I think)
Ceiling fans and Fireplaces
Thanks and Giving!

What's on your list?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Sweet and the Sad

Tonight I baked my Almost Famous Cookies and the house smells of everything that is good about Fall. I am taking them to the office tomorrow as we say good-bye to one of our pastors who is leaving to train to be a church planter. He is not only my boss but has been a good counselor/advisor to me through the years. He serves the young adult population at our church and I often went to him when I needed insight regarding the young adults that my husband and I had raised from birth. I have shed a few tears in that office and will no doubt shed a few more over the next couple of weeks as we wrap up some ministry events together and prepare to move to the transition phase (for our staff and for him and his family). Maybe the cookies will help.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It' Fall Ya'll

I have a deep love for this time of year. Perhaps it was my childhood spent in the Ozark mountains but I love the color change, the smell of a wood fire, and crisp mornings followed by mostly sunshine filled afternoons. I love football season, homecoming parades, school carnivals, Halloween costumes(well,the cute ones),and the pinnacle of the season--Thanksgiving!
Therefore, I go a little overboard and love to transform my living space to reflect what God so supremely does in decorating the outside world.

So here's a little tour.
Front porch. Don't love it this year. I have a black concrete container that I prefer to use this time of year but I got this basket (with all the plants) for a bargain very early in the season so I'm going with that.
During high winds this morning, the fern took a tumble out of the bucket turning the whole stand over into the mums (which I just replaced yesterday due to some previous mum neglect). The new mums are crushed in the back and will surely die.
I am death to plants.

Come on inside--the heart of the home, the kitchen. where the finest take out is ordered.

Kitchen table. With or without candlesticks? I can't decide.

No flat surface is safe.

I love this rattan tray/basket I got from Target last year. Hubby-- does not like it so much. He usually moves it from the ottoman to the floor. Maybe the candy corn will change his mind.

The way they were. Love this. Love them.

Thanks for stopping by. Come again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had an ah-ha moment at 7,000 feet recently which is way better than having an oh-no moment at 7,000 feet.
The day of our return flight home it was cold and overcast. I made this statement to my fellow travelers, "The sun is not out today". It is my custom to comment on the sun or lack of sunshine as I am not only keenly observant but also, to the core, solar powered.
Our pilot assured me that he checked the weather charts and that our departure needed not be delayed.
We took off and left the gray below.
That's when I had my moment (again, a good moment, not a face in the baggie kind of moment).
Climbing above the clouds and leveling off at 7,000 feet revealed another perspective--the sun was out indeed, it's just that my perception had been "clouded" (sorry).
The truth is that the sun is always out, it's just not always visible.
That can be said of many things.
Just because I don't see it, doesn't mean it's not real or true.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Land that I Love

Technically, I'm a Texan. I was born there, lived there through during middle school and high school, and many years later my hubby's job took us back there for a few years. But in most of the in between times, I lived in Arkansas. Something about that state says "Home" to me. It's where our families are. It's where God changed my heart and where I started a life walking with Him. It was where I went to college. It's where hubby and I met, married and started our own family. And now it's where my youngest one is making her mark.

I love going back...every chance I get.

This time the wait was short--a 2 hour flight instead of 8.5 hour drive.
Thanks to good friends, we are spoiled forever.

Iowa has a beauty all it's own as well.

But not as beautiful as this one...

and these people.

It was a great weekend (despite the outcome of the game) spent with family and friends and a few thousand other folks.

I love this place!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Paint Deck Furniture

In case you were wondering...
Yes, it's me. More of a retail stimulator than a Do it Yourself-er, I took on a project recently that had literally been staring me in the face. Well at least visible everyday when I passed through the kitchen and looked out onto my deck. There was no more denying or delaying it (I had company coming) so I took on the project of repainting my metal deck furniture. I also re-stained the deck but I do not want to brag (too late)!

It was pretty mindless work but I got a little philosophical while I was at it so here goes:

1. Take Time, Take Care
This little project was long overdue. The metal table and chairs were about 10 years old and have been exposed to snow, sun, and rain for all of those 10 years. The original paint was flaking off and rust was setting in. The natural progression of things is decay. If you don't tend to them, they will fall apart.

2. Be Prepared- Gather Your Tools.
From another project I knew that I wanted to use this spray paint with a trigger nozzle. I had only found it at one of the home improvement stores in town so I needed to make a special trip to that particular store. Because of the rust and flaking metal, I knew I needed a steel brush and some major elbow grease for the prep work. Few things in life come without a little planning and hard work.

3. Expect back splash.

I was under a time constraint and had to work within a good weather window. Unfortunately, the sunny day I had to work was also a day of 10 mph wind gusts. Armed with a large piece of cardboard and geared in my grungy clothes, I was ready for battle. Life can get messy, dress appropriately.

4. Make a plan
Alright, here's where personality type comes in to play. I choose to work on the worst piece first. The rustiest one. The one that required the most scrubbing with the steel brush. I did this because I knew I would fade in stamina and in interest by the end of the project so I tackled the hardest piece first to get it out of the way. However, if one would need small victories along the way to keep one motivated to continue the project, I can see where starting with an easy task would boost one's confidence for the bigger projects ahead. To Thine own self be true.

5. Don't forget the undersides
I am a recovering perfectionist (children will do that to you) and have come to a place where I can be good with things being "good enough" but the underlying issue here was rust. It was setting in to the bolts and supports of the table and had to be dealt with--meaning scrubbing the devil out of it. Don't sweat the small stuff but don't ignore the stuff you can't see.

6. Admire your work. Celebrate your success.
With my table in it's "oil rubbed bronze" glory and back in it's location on the deck, I was able to admire the way it looks new with just a little time and effort. Pleased with the outcome, I made myself a little icy, creamy treat...

then saved the leftover paint for future touch ups because...
eventually we have to
Go back to step 1.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life is Good

It was a good but brief weekend away.

She was real good...

(and even better to see in person)

Tailgating with family was good...

Hubby is still good
with the little ones...

even though it's been
18 years since she was that size...

Game was good...

Life is good!

Stop over at sweet Sarah's (and new supermom) to see more photos.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture Story

Soon, we will be going here

To see her

and maybe some of these people

especially the newest one

but for now, I'm trying to decide which one of these to put on my toes because...

besides my heart, she may have left with my favorite nail polish as well.


Friday, August 27, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

I received the first desparation call today.

"Mom, I'm lost and I'm twenty minutes late to class"

Bless her heart. She wanted advice from her directionally challenged mom who hasn't been on that campus in 30+ years.

"Should I go on to class anyway?"
"How am I going to find my way?"

It was wrenching. She was lost and there was nothing I could do about it.
"Ask someone for directions." was my only solution.
It's not like we didn't prepare her for this:
Walk your route out the day before classes.
Take your map until you don't need it anymore.
Ask before you leave one building how to get to the next.

We had given our best advice and strategy.
Now it was up to her.

As painful as that little incident was today, it reminded me of the truth I've learned on this parenting journey:
"You prepare them the best you can, but the rest is up to them"

There have been a few other times when I've had to stand by helplessly and watch (while I wanted to cover my eyes) as these young adult children made choices that I didn't think were wise, beneficial, or practical. Sometimes the outcome was a figurative train wreck, other times just a mild bump in the road. But it was their path to walk and their experiences to learn from. I couldn't do it for them.

And so she will take a few diversions here and there and while she does, I'll pray that she remembers the map, asks for help, and eventually finds her own way.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pros and Cons

It's only been a week since our last little bird has left home and our nest has been empty. These are the things that I miss already:
  • indulging in a bowl of mac & cheese because she already made up a batch of it
  • a few of my favorite shoes
  • someone to go to Walmart with me at 10:30 pm
  • watching trashy TV shows she picks (while doing my moral motherly duty of pointing out how bad they are)
  • watching Disney channel
  • her guacamole
  • a second opinion on wardrobe options
There's got to be an upside to empty nestdom (just made that word up I think) so I'm making a list:
  • Cleaning the house then watching as it mostly STAYS that clean and picked up
  • Downsizing--Clearing out the house (from college boy's cast offs, college girl's unwanteds, and 30 years of collections) then selling it off or hauling it off for someone else to enjoy
  • Smaller loads of laundry
  • Buying the kind of orange juice I LIKE (medium pulp with Calcium)
  • Going to sleep when i go to bed vs. staying awake until I hear the garage door open and close
I'm sure there are other advantages we will discover as time goes on but for now I am grateful for Skype,
and Verizon.....just so I won't miss her tooo much.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Long Good-Bye

571 miles
8 hours, 46 minutes per MapQuest
2 vehicles loaded with all the worldy goods an 18 year could own
102 degree heat
1 dead car battery

Other than that, things went fine...
smooth check in
volunteers to help unload vehicles and carry her stuff to the room
room re-arranged once or twice...or twelve
good bye lunch over so-so Mexican food
good-bye hug in parking garage
a small catch in the breath, a little tear from the eye,
and then she's gone.
One last look over her shoulder as we drive away.
On to our new lives...
and another 8 hours and 46 minutes on the road

Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Going to Need an Intervention

It is crunch time. 1 week, 1 day until I send my heart away.

We are washing, we are packing. By we, I mostly mean me.

I've never been very good with spacial relationship puzzles, but I'm pretty sure that what takes two regular size bedrooms to collect & store, may not fit into one half of a 10' X 13' dorm room. We may be bringing something back.

But it won't be her.

And it may not be these either.

The Princess and I have enjoyed sharing the same shoe size since she entered high school. Most of the time it has worked to our advantage and only on a few occassions did it cause conflict. That's about to change. We need to sit down and negotiate who gets what.
It will be sad to see them go.
All of them.
But especially the girl.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

I would like to wish my mom a blessed day today on her 77th birthday. She taught me how to mind my manners, keep a clean and orderly house, how to set a proper table and how to show hospitality. Because of her job at the public library, I knew the Dewey Decimal system way before my time and loved checking out piles of books to read every week. I endured piano lessons because she never got to take them as a child but am now glad that I did. I wished I'd been more attentive when she tried to teach me to cook or told me to stay out of the sun. She never was one to take the limelight but was content to work behind the scenes and do whatever needed to be done. As a pastor's wife, many things were expected of her--sometimes she was stretched out of her comfort zone (she drew the line at camp counselor) but she gracefully stayed true to who God created her to be. She cheered me on in my endeavors yet never let me get too big for my britches.
I love you mom!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Trial Run

Here it is.
A trial run.
One week without The Princess. She's gone for a week doing good things for people in need. And it's quiet around here. Really, really quiet. Really.
And then the countdown begins. 20 days until we take her to college far away.
And leave her there.
So this week is a trial run, a test.
It's only Monday, and I'm not doing so good.


Friday, June 11, 2010

I'll Be Baaaaack!

I am not dead. Both of my computers were. Now one is somewhat functional but not much fun to work on. I am currently shopping for a new laptop which is not as fun as I had hoped it to be. I hope to be back in blogging world soon.
Oh yes, and there's been a little other activity around my life lately. Two graduations, two children launching into another phase of life. One across the country, the other soon to be a couple of states away. The nest is emptying...the possibilities abound.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hog Wild

In the great

college decision

of 2010

we have

a decision!

Can you tell I'm excited that The Princess is going to my alma mater?!?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Since She's 18

The Princess turned 18 in December. She was our Christmas baby--we brought her home on Christmas a little red stocking. We were released from the hospital exactly 24 hours after her arrival. I was ready to get home...Christmas was on us and there were 2 little boys at home waiting to celebrate. Whenever I look at pictures of that time, I wonder-- " What was I thinking?" I looked like death warmed over.

Fast forward 18 years.

Now that she's 18, she can excuse herself out of high school classes.

Now that she's 18, she can vote.

Now that she's 18, she can pierce her cartilege/nose/whatever else without parental approval. And don't get me started on what happened at our family medical clinic when she went in alone for her final immunizations.

When she goes off to college this fall, they don't have to release any of her information to me even if I am the one paying the bills.

And there's a whole other list of things that her mom does not want to think about that are perfectly legal for her to that she's 18.

Independent children. Isn't that one of the goals of parenting?

She can pump her own gas and is learning to manage her finances.
She can make macaroni and cheese, a mean queso dip and bake brownies so I figure she's got the basics covered.
She can wash her own clothes and will eventually figure out that if you leave them in the washer too long, they mildew and smell bad. In college she'll learn that if you leave them in the machine too long, they get dumped out on the floor...or stolen!
She has a schedule that would boogle the mind of a White House aide and manages to get it all done...and she's so darn cute while she's doing it.

Yep, she's flexing her wings of independence and making her own choices. She doesn't really need me much anymore...

Except when she's in bed for 3 days with the bug that's going around...
And I bring her soup and jello and sprite...
Even if she is 18.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Winter Reading List

I know. You thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't. I am still here and still floating through the bloggy world but mostly just reading. A February blizzard has me at home by the fire catching up on life. Like this unexpected retreat, I stumbled on a site and was blessed by this post that spoke to me and I wanted to share with you. Take a minute and go see what Antique Mommy had to say. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Oh good, you came back.

Here are the ones that resonated with me today:

#3. In most matters, done is better than perfect. But done right is better than done fast, except for housework. Then good enough is good enough.

#6. You can disagree with someone and still like them.

#7. You can dislike someone and still be kind to them.

#9. You’ll never know how much your parents love you until you have your own child.

#10. You’ll never know how much you hurt your parents until you have your own child.

#11. No one will remember what shoes or earrings you wore to the party.

#18. Nothing in the mall will make you happy. For very long.

#19. We can’t all be leaders.

#20. If you can’t be a good leader, be a good follower.

#21. Make sure the person you are following is taking you where you want to go.

#22. Nothing good comes of a secret.

#23. On the other hand, every thought does not need to be expressed.

#24. Anger poisons the soul. A grudge prisons the soul. Forgiveness purifies the soul. Forgive with haste.

#30. Whatever stylish thing you are wearing right now will look ridiculous in 10 years.

#37. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more.

#38. Fashion magazines are designed to make you feel badly about yourself. Save your money.

#50. The person who most needs your kindness is likely the last person to whom you want to be kind.

How about you--which one(s) did you like?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But on the Other Hand...

This is in response to my last post or perhaps a very sad rationalization of previous statements:

Some evenings, I'm ready to eat dinner at 5:00 pm This only happens when I have had a power breakfast and worked through lunch
I received an AARP card in the mail They send one to everyone who is even remotely close to turning 50
I've been mall walking Hey, at least I'm out moving...and blowing past most of the other mall walkers
I groan when I get up out of my chair Because I've sat there too long executing my creative genius blogging
The fact that I have a chair that I designate as "mine" You are right, there is NO excuse for that.
I take along a pair of "sensible" shoes to change into Which means my other shoes are stinkin' cute!!!
Lately, I've begun a few sentences with, "when I was your age..." Only when called on by my young friends to share my wealth of wisdom
I have a pair of reading glasses in several locations around the house Better than the little chain around your neck to hang them on!
I've wondered what my "grandma" name might be Okay, so there's another growth opportunity
I think all the songs on the "classic rock" station are the best! They are--but my iPod is loaded with songs from my daughter's playlist as well
There are a few more reasons...but I can't remember them now.
Memory leaks happen--I'm not ready for the Alzheimer's home yet!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Think I Might Be Getting Old

There have been recent signs that I might be getting old:

Some evenings, I'm ready to eat dinner at 5:00 pm
I received an AARP card in the mail
I've been mall walking
I groan when I get up out of my chair
The fact that I have a chair that I designate as "mine"
I take along a pair of "sensible" shoes to change into
Lately, I've begun a few sentences with, "when I was your age..."
I have a pair of reading glasses in several locations around the house
I've wondered what my "grandma" name might be
I think all the songs on the "classic rock" station are the best!
There are a few more reasons...but I can't remember them now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Gloomiest Time of the Year

"Poets, publicists and psychiatrists all have their candidates for the bleakest time of the year. According to one equation devised by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British researcher from Cardiff University, Jan. 18 is 2010’s most depressing day. His formula for this bleak prediction takes into account factors like post-holiday blahs and debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and, this year, the nasty chill that has reached much further south than usual." MSN

Well that explains everything. I've been in a funk since Christmas. Just didn't have anything worthwhile to say and no real motivation to post.

Maybe this is the hump and I'll get over it.

Good-bye gloomiest day of the year. Here's hoping there are sunnier days and dispositions around the corner!