Sunday, February 27, 2011


559 miles one way
$3.30 per gallon of gas
1 lane of interstate partially covered in snow
2 wrong turns (with GPS)
1 box of Krispy Kremes doughnuts and Beth Moore CDs for company

Weekend spent with college girl...clearly worth it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Tweets

I'm headed out for a few days to visit with college girl. Her sorority is having mom's weekend and they've got a few girl things planned and we will fill in all the other times in between with more of our favorite things (shopping and eating). I was never in a sorority so I've been a little stressed about what to wear. It doesn't help that I have some new spring clothes to wear but someone didn't tell the weather to cooperate! My daughter thinks I am stressing out over the whole what- are- we- doing- so- I- will- know- what- to- wear thing. I know this because she told me in a text: "quit stressing about this". This was 1 week ago when I started packing.
okay, so i need to relax, pack my entire closet, 10 pairs of shoes, get in the car, drive 8.5 hours, and have a good time. And lest you think I'm kidding, I may or may not post a picture of my suitcase.
While I'm away, here's a funny website to go to called Postcards from Yo Mamma. Nobody really writes postcards anymore but these are actual texts or emails young adults have received from their mothers:

See you on the flip side,

Hello, It's Me

It's been some time since I've last posted. The holidays and a little post holiday funk left me thinking that I had nothing to say. But I've missed it so I've been evaluating why I write, what do I have to say and I think I've got some direction. So bear with me and check back every now and then and see what's new and hopefully it will be worth your time.


P.S. I can assure you my new direction has little to do with gardening or flower arranging--I just wanted to show you my first successful attempt at paperwhites.