Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Week

It's birthday week for me and my first born. My birthday was the 3rd and was celebrated a day early with hubby who done good in the gift giving category. Wednesday was filled with Facebook messages from friends all around the country and cards and gifts from co-workers and friends. I am blessed to have a full and rich life filled with great people who are making daily contributions into my life.
Twenty-six years ago today and 3 days after my 27th birthday, I woke up in labor with our first born son. It was election day and since I was in early labor, we thought we'd make a pit stop and go vote. It was a presidential election that year and the voting line was out the door of the voting place. Since I was breathing through contractions, we decided to skip our civic duty and go directly to the hospital. We joked on the way that maybe we should toss out our 2 name choices and just wait to see who won the election and name the baby after the winner (bonus points to those of you who can tell me the name of the two candidates that year). We would have had to do some creative manipulation depending on the gender of the baby and the president elect so in the end, we decided to stick with our original name choices. My hubby did slip out after I was sufficiently drugged with an epidural and pulled the lever for the candidate of his choice then made it back in the nick of time. Jonathan David Green was born at 6 pm that evening weighing in at 8lbs. 10 oz. Our lives would never be the same! As a little guy, he was his dad's constant shadow and grew to be his companion sports fanatic. To his baby sister, he's a protective big brother, and with me is always generous with a hug or the willing recipient of a back scratch. He's taught me hard lessons on parenting and made me far less self-righteous.
Like all of us, he is a life in process and God has great plans for him beyond what these earthly parents can imagine.
Happy Birthday big Jon!


k and c's mom said...

Ronald Reagan!
(My oldest is the same age as your oldest.)
(And I am embarrassed for Texas.)

Kers said...

1984 - so it's Reagan (Bush) going for his second term. Did he run against Mondale/Fitzgerald that year?

Gina said...

Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in the presidential election of 1984--I'm sure my husband's vote was the deciding factor!