Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping the Man Mall

The top secret project I referred to in an earlier post has something to do with this:

Now obtaining this item required me to engage in one of my favorite activities--shopping. I consider shopping to be my spiritual gift (one of these days I'll find a scripture to back that up). I eagerly participate no matter what the object of purchase may be. As one who has sharpened her shopping skills, er... gift, I also know that knowing where to shop is key to claiming the perfect purchase. I was on a tight time frame and did not have the luxury of cruising the aisle of various discount and craft stores in order to produce the top secret project contribution. So I called in reinforcements.
Have I told you what a great group of people I work with? We're a team, we collaborate, we encourage each other, and take turns picking up the Chinese takeout meals. So a quick email went out requesting tips on the most likely place that may sell the object of my search. Immediate responses came back to my rescue. It was clear that I would need to patronize stores whose main clientale are men wearing bib overalls and workboots.
I was not intimidated by this challenge. I happen to be the designated handy person in our home and have made a fair share of trips to these men malls. I do not fear the sideways glances I receive as I toss my designer bag on my shoulder and head for the aisle labeled with simple signage: tape, nails, and fasteners. The key is to get in and get out and not make eye contact with anyone along the way.
So with my mission accomplished and my purchase "in the bag", I was fully prepared to head to the secret gathering place and contribute to the greater good.
Stay tuned and more will follow as the project comes together and you will see what an integral part my purchase has played.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday NIght Lights

Reserved Tickets to the local high school football games: $40
Hot dog, nachos, and a coke from the booster club concession stand: $6.00
Watching The Princess cheer with the varsity squad: Priceless!
Winning the second game of the season: Joyful!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

High Hopes and Dashed Dreams

They said we should stay home, tune in, a promising new season to begin. Thursday evenings were the most promising. I was compelled to hurry home from The Office without going through the ER which according to Grey's Anatomy would make me a survivor. However, I was scheduled to work on a top secret project ( to be revealed in a post later) and would not be home for the highly promoted season openers. So I turned to the DVR with high hopes of capturing what I missed. Systematically making my choices and pushing the little red button as if I were casting a vote for the ones that would win my attention. Confidently I left for the evening trusting the power and memory of this little silver box of technology.

My first disappointment came when I returned home to find that, due to human error, not all of the shows recorded...

The second disappointment came when I watched the ones that did...

So, another question from the Idol Girls study...
"Do you go to something or someone for relief when you are upset, stressed, or exhausted? If so, who or what?"
"Does that someone or something give you relief that lasts?"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Curious

I was just curious. It seemed that they multiplied. I found them at the back door, under the office desk, in her closet, in my closet, and a few in the car! So I just had to many flip flops do we own?

Now I used the word "we" so I must confess that this is a combined collection. The Princess and I wear the same size shoe so we operate under the "what's mine is yours" philosophy. The reality is that I paid for them all and the ones I want to wear are usually "gone" when I go to look for them. It's come down to me "calling" the shoe the night before I plan to wear it. This works well for me because I'm the only one of us who plans what to wear the night before!

So, I gathered them up and took the picture. There wasn't as many as I thought there might be. I counted 20 pair (or is it pairs) but I forgot about the 2 pair left in the abandoned swim bag and, of course, the ones The Princess was wearing. So that brings us up to 23...unless of course there are some hiding in the trunk of the car!

The Princess and I are doing a Bible study together from the book, Idol Girls, by Hayley DiMarco and one of the questions in the introduction is, "What is your biggest obsession?" The author goes on to define an obsession as "something that fills your mind and demands you give it attention". I don't think the flip flops collection has reached "obsession" level yet... but we might be on our way.

So, what's your greatest obsession?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diving In

Okay, just do it. After obsessing over this new passion for reading blogs and a desire to create my own, I'm diving in. Like climbing the tall ladder at the swimming pool, I'm up there now, knees shaking and eyes bugging out at the vast blue below. Fears--oh yeah. I've got a few... do I really have anything worthwhile to say? Can I commit to a regular routine of posting? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?
And what shall I write about? Family says they are off limits--I'll just have to give them aliases. No cute pictures of kids to post since A. they are rarely in the same place at the same time B. when they are all in the same place at the same time, they run and hide at the sight of my handy little camera (post childhood photo trauma?). I guess I'll just share what life looks from my perspective and hope it's worth your time.

So here it is--here I am, look out internet world! Hope it's not a big belly flop!