Monday, December 20, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Reason...

Nothing like a little last minute motivation to get me over the holiday hump. Middle son (formerly known as College Boy) is flying home today for the Christmas holidays. Now that he's all grown up and not sleeping in a dorm bed, I had to assume that he would prefer the guest room in the lower level to his former shell of a room (with a twin bed). That meant that the vents needed to be opened up downstairs so he wouldn't turn into a popsicle overnight. Once I was down there, I realized that since no one else had been down there in 6 months, all manner of creepy crawly things had taken up residency and many had died of hypothermia so there was some dusting and vacuuming that needed to be done. And even though I said I was going minimalistic this year, I just couldn't bear not having any kind of decorations so I brought out the snowmen collection and put up the 3 snowmen trees.

I still need the ingredients for his favorite cookies but thought we'd pick them up at the grocery store on our way home from the airport as well as a week's supply of cereal just in case he's outgrown Apple Jacks as well as the twin bed.

College Girl has been home a week but is mostly using her room as a changing room for the next social event she has filled her schedule with. Her room looks nothing like it did a week ago but I don't mind it one bit. I hope to get her to myself on her birthday Thursday--maybe birthday cupcakes will seal the deal.

Hubby and first born son will straggle in as their work demands allow and once again my nest will be full of people and noise and food...

and I kind of like it that way!

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k and c's mom said...

Let the celebrations begin! How wonderful is it to have the adult children home?! Have a great time.