Monday, October 4, 2010

The Sweet and the Sad

Tonight I baked my Almost Famous Cookies and the house smells of everything that is good about Fall. I am taking them to the office tomorrow as we say good-bye to one of our pastors who is leaving to train to be a church planter. He is not only my boss but has been a good counselor/advisor to me through the years. He serves the young adult population at our church and I often went to him when I needed insight regarding the young adults that my husband and I had raised from birth. I have shed a few tears in that office and will no doubt shed a few more over the next couple of weeks as we wrap up some ministry events together and prepare to move to the transition phase (for our staff and for him and his family). Maybe the cookies will help.

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Rett said...

The cookies were helpful...but nothing but sweet time will ease the sting of saying goodbye to those we love. :(