Friday, August 20, 2010

Pros and Cons

It's only been a week since our last little bird has left home and our nest has been empty. These are the things that I miss already:
  • indulging in a bowl of mac & cheese because she already made up a batch of it
  • a few of my favorite shoes
  • someone to go to Walmart with me at 10:30 pm
  • watching trashy TV shows she picks (while doing my moral motherly duty of pointing out how bad they are)
  • watching Disney channel
  • her guacamole
  • a second opinion on wardrobe options
There's got to be an upside to empty nestdom (just made that word up I think) so I'm making a list:
  • Cleaning the house then watching as it mostly STAYS that clean and picked up
  • Downsizing--Clearing out the house (from college boy's cast offs, college girl's unwanteds, and 30 years of collections) then selling it off or hauling it off for someone else to enjoy
  • Smaller loads of laundry
  • Buying the kind of orange juice I LIKE (medium pulp with Calcium)
  • Going to sleep when i go to bed vs. staying awake until I hear the garage door open and close
I'm sure there are other advantages we will discover as time goes on but for now I am grateful for Skype,
and Verizon.....just so I won't miss her tooo much.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gina, your post made me teary eyed - especially when I read it to Danielle. I dread that day! Glad there are pros and cons tho!

Gina said...

Just remembered something else I will miss--
blaming her when my stuff goes missing. can't find my favorite nail polish and don't have anyone to blame but myself!

Ryan and Sarah said...

You have a place to stay anytime you wanna come visit! We will watch over her and do anything she needs!