Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But on the Other Hand...

This is in response to my last post or perhaps a very sad rationalization of previous statements:

Some evenings, I'm ready to eat dinner at 5:00 pm This only happens when I have had a power breakfast and worked through lunch
I received an AARP card in the mail They send one to everyone who is even remotely close to turning 50
I've been mall walking Hey, at least I'm out moving...and blowing past most of the other mall walkers
I groan when I get up out of my chair Because I've sat there too long executing my creative genius blogging
The fact that I have a chair that I designate as "mine" You are right, there is NO excuse for that.
I take along a pair of "sensible" shoes to change into Which means my other shoes are stinkin' cute!!!
Lately, I've begun a few sentences with, "when I was your age..." Only when called on by my young friends to share my wealth of wisdom
I have a pair of reading glasses in several locations around the house Better than the little chain around your neck to hang them on!
I've wondered what my "grandma" name might be Okay, so there's another growth opportunity
I think all the songs on the "classic rock" station are the best! They are--but my iPod is loaded with songs from my daughter's playlist as well
There are a few more reasons...but I can't remember them now.
Memory leaks happen--I'm not ready for the Alzheimer's home yet!

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