Sunday, November 21, 2010


"Laundry and grocery shopping after a week of vacation may be God's way of bringing balance back into our lives."

We're back from a week spent in warmer climates where there were beaches and palm trees and where cell phone service and internet access was nearly non-existent. It took a day or so to "unplug" but once we did, we remembered what it was like to read a newspaper (on actual paper), to use the room phone to make plans with friends, and to go through the day without making a Facebook or Twitter post.
We quickly adjusted to no agenda and no time constraints. To being served beverages of our choice while we lounged pool or beach side, and where the biggest decisions of the day was which activity were we going to participate in and which restaurant were we dining in for the evening.
Re-entry back to the real world began with a touching experience with the TSA agent on our return, a 40 degree change in temperature from take-off location to landing, and the realization that all those emails and voicemails now had to be dealt with!
Fortunately, it's a short work week then we're off for another couple of days to share Thanksgiving with family. I am blessed to have the opportunity for a relaxing week away, for great friends to share the experience with and for family to come back home to.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Week

It's birthday week for me and my first born. My birthday was the 3rd and was celebrated a day early with hubby who done good in the gift giving category. Wednesday was filled with Facebook messages from friends all around the country and cards and gifts from co-workers and friends. I am blessed to have a full and rich life filled with great people who are making daily contributions into my life.
Twenty-six years ago today and 3 days after my 27th birthday, I woke up in labor with our first born son. It was election day and since I was in early labor, we thought we'd make a pit stop and go vote. It was a presidential election that year and the voting line was out the door of the voting place. Since I was breathing through contractions, we decided to skip our civic duty and go directly to the hospital. We joked on the way that maybe we should toss out our 2 name choices and just wait to see who won the election and name the baby after the winner (bonus points to those of you who can tell me the name of the two candidates that year). We would have had to do some creative manipulation depending on the gender of the baby and the president elect so in the end, we decided to stick with our original name choices. My hubby did slip out after I was sufficiently drugged with an epidural and pulled the lever for the candidate of his choice then made it back in the nick of time. Jonathan David Green was born at 6 pm that evening weighing in at 8lbs. 10 oz. Our lives would never be the same! As a little guy, he was his dad's constant shadow and grew to be his companion sports fanatic. To his baby sister, he's a protective big brother, and with me is always generous with a hug or the willing recipient of a back scratch. He's taught me hard lessons on parenting and made me far less self-righteous.
Like all of us, he is a life in process and God has great plans for him beyond what these earthly parents can imagine.
Happy Birthday big Jon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Day Challenge

I challenged College Girl with living the next 10 days making healthy choices--eating real food and getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I know that is counter to the college culture but she was run down and feeling the effects of living life on the edge. She wasn't too keen on the challenge until I told her she could challenge me with something for the same 10 day period. She took the bait and challenged me to no Starbucks. Now you must realize that this was just after spending a week out of my routine stops at Starbucks and 10 days of already going without.
This could be painful--it's my favorite season of flavors and I pass at least three Starbucks stands on my way to work everyday.
I will miss you Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Hangin' with Payne...and a few other special people

I've just spent a week in one of my most favorite places with a few of my most favorite people. My nephew and his wife were in need of a daytime sitter for their sweet new baby, Payne. Several family members were taking turns watching thebaby and this past week worked out for me. The bonus is that my nephew and his sweet family live in the same town as College Girl and I was excited that I might get some quality time with her.

Payne was just as good as he could be. He is a very happy and scheduled baby so our days together were pretty routine. By Thursday, I was bold enough to venture out with him and take College Girl out for a little TLC. He slept the whole time and I remembered what it was like juggling a baby in a carrier, a diaper bag and a purse!

It was Homecoming Week at the Alma Mater so College Girl had responsibilities every evening to prepare for the Homecoming float & yard decorating. We caught what time we could together which included a trip to the Walmart to stock up on what the first 6 weeks of college life had depleted and a quick run through Old Navy in preparation for cooler weather to come.

Most evenings I was free to hang out in the swanky digs that a generous family member had made available and gave me time to connect with friends from days gone by. I spent a couple of evenings with some friends who have known me longer than my husband. They shaped my life in various stages and I am grateful for the time spent with them catching upon our lives. It was as if time and distance had no impact on our conversations and we picked up right where we left off the last

It was a great week that I would wrap up this way--
babies still smell sweet and I've still got skills,
every moment and dollar spent on my daughter was worth it,
and long lost friends are to be treasured!