Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

I would like to wish my mom a blessed day today on her 77th birthday. She taught me how to mind my manners, keep a clean and orderly house, how to set a proper table and how to show hospitality. Because of her job at the public library, I knew the Dewey Decimal system way before my time and loved checking out piles of books to read every week. I endured piano lessons because she never got to take them as a child but am now glad that I did. I wished I'd been more attentive when she tried to teach me to cook or told me to stay out of the sun. She never was one to take the limelight but was content to work behind the scenes and do whatever needed to be done. As a pastor's wife, many things were expected of her--sometimes she was stretched out of her comfort zone (she drew the line at camp counselor) but she gracefully stayed true to who God created her to be. She cheered me on in my endeavors yet never let me get too big for my britches.
I love you mom!


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