Sunday, November 21, 2010


"Laundry and grocery shopping after a week of vacation may be God's way of bringing balance back into our lives."

We're back from a week spent in warmer climates where there were beaches and palm trees and where cell phone service and internet access was nearly non-existent. It took a day or so to "unplug" but once we did, we remembered what it was like to read a newspaper (on actual paper), to use the room phone to make plans with friends, and to go through the day without making a Facebook or Twitter post.
We quickly adjusted to no agenda and no time constraints. To being served beverages of our choice while we lounged pool or beach side, and where the biggest decisions of the day was which activity were we going to participate in and which restaurant were we dining in for the evening.
Re-entry back to the real world began with a touching experience with the TSA agent on our return, a 40 degree change in temperature from take-off location to landing, and the realization that all those emails and voicemails now had to be dealt with!
Fortunately, it's a short work week then we're off for another couple of days to share Thanksgiving with family. I am blessed to have the opportunity for a relaxing week away, for great friends to share the experience with and for family to come back home to.

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His Doorkeeper said...

Gina, Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was in school in the "dark ages" too and my favorite class was the "glee club" and we mostly sang religious songs!

The Messiah was presented every year that I was in high school and I LOVE all the songs to this day!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!