Monday, November 1, 2010

Hangin' with Payne...and a few other special people

I've just spent a week in one of my most favorite places with a few of my most favorite people. My nephew and his wife were in need of a daytime sitter for their sweet new baby, Payne. Several family members were taking turns watching thebaby and this past week worked out for me. The bonus is that my nephew and his sweet family live in the same town as College Girl and I was excited that I might get some quality time with her.

Payne was just as good as he could be. He is a very happy and scheduled baby so our days together were pretty routine. By Thursday, I was bold enough to venture out with him and take College Girl out for a little TLC. He slept the whole time and I remembered what it was like juggling a baby in a carrier, a diaper bag and a purse!

It was Homecoming Week at the Alma Mater so College Girl had responsibilities every evening to prepare for the Homecoming float & yard decorating. We caught what time we could together which included a trip to the Walmart to stock up on what the first 6 weeks of college life had depleted and a quick run through Old Navy in preparation for cooler weather to come.

Most evenings I was free to hang out in the swanky digs that a generous family member had made available and gave me time to connect with friends from days gone by. I spent a couple of evenings with some friends who have known me longer than my husband. They shaped my life in various stages and I am grateful for the time spent with them catching upon our lives. It was as if time and distance had no impact on our conversations and we picked up right where we left off the last

It was a great week that I would wrap up this way--
babies still smell sweet and I've still got skills,
every moment and dollar spent on my daughter was worth it,
and long lost friends are to be treasured!

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