Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Land that I Love

Technically, I'm a Texan. I was born there, lived there through during middle school and high school, and many years later my hubby's job took us back there for a few years. But in most of the in between times, I lived in Arkansas. Something about that state says "Home" to me. It's where our families are. It's where God changed my heart and where I started a life walking with Him. It was where I went to college. It's where hubby and I met, married and started our own family. And now it's where my youngest one is making her mark.

I love going back...every chance I get.

This time the wait was short--a 2 hour flight instead of 8.5 hour drive.
Thanks to good friends, we are spoiled forever.

Iowa has a beauty all it's own as well.

But not as beautiful as this one...

and these people.

It was a great weekend (despite the outcome of the game) spent with family and friends and a few thousand other folks.

I love this place!

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