Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Going to Need an Intervention

It is crunch time. 1 week, 1 day until I send my heart away.

We are washing, we are packing. By we, I mostly mean me.

I've never been very good with spacial relationship puzzles, but I'm pretty sure that what takes two regular size bedrooms to collect & store, may not fit into one half of a 10' X 13' dorm room. We may be bringing something back.

But it won't be her.

And it may not be these either.

The Princess and I have enjoyed sharing the same shoe size since she entered high school. Most of the time it has worked to our advantage and only on a few occassions did it cause conflict. That's about to change. We need to sit down and negotiate who gets what.
It will be sad to see them go.
All of them.
But especially the girl.


EJ said...

Can't even imagine the emotions you are going thru - & yes, you might have to call in a negotiating for the shoes!

Linda J. said...

Oh, Gina. I'm not sitting here with tears rolling down both cheeks--not at all :(. Thinking about you and Tom!