Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Said 'I Do'

29 years ago I said "I Do".
I found someone who loved God and loved me. 29 years later he still does. He was loyal and stable and gentle and kind. 29 years later he still is.

He was a thinker, I was a talker. He slightly introverted, me more outgoing. He was a saver, I was a spender. I said "I Do" and hoped we could find a balance.

29 years ago I said "I Do". I didn't know it would mean 5 moves, 4 states, and 4 career changes (3 mine, 1 his) but I would still follow him wherever he leads.

29 years ago I didn't know that parenting could be both a joy and a challenge. But 2 dogs, 3 children, lots of trying our best, some mistakes, a few heartaches, and several joys later I would still rather partner with him on this journey that do it alone.

He is strong when I am weak. I am up when he is down.

We are a pretty much an even match at Scrabble.

He is logical, I am creative. He likes to stay at home, I like to go, go, go!

We are still very different but have found how to make it work.

29 years ago I said "I Do" to love and to life together--no matter what.
29 years later, I still do.

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