Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Home Office

This week on Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Home Tour, she is featuring home offices. I posted about my office makeover here but didn't do much to show you the decor of the room. We have had a room to designate as a home office in the last 2 homes we've lived in. When the kids were younger, it was the homework room. That's where we would stash the family computer and so it was also the bill paying, email checking center for my husband and I.

Then came the laptop computers and wireless internet. Truth be told, the office is less frequently used these days when it's way more convenient to sit in the family room with the laptops and do our work. Now days it's mostly where I go to file the bills, store the most recently completed book, and where hubby and The Princess download their music.

We have a mixed theme going on in the office. I have these prints that I've had for ages. At one time my hubby was into old radios and collected them so in another house, I displayed the prints with some of his radios.

I also created this golfing vignette to reflect his lifelong passion for golf. He also has a ball rack filled with collectors balls from various places he has played but it is too heavy to hang on a wall. As I said before, this area goes unappreciated as hubby spends most of his time in the family room with the laptop at his throne.

The pig collection is mine--you will need to understand that I'm an alumni of The University of Arkansas whose mascot is a Razorback. This little piggy started it all. I found her on one of our trips to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and had to have her (she comes with a nametag and life story).
Her name is Madeline Dubois Pigasus and I think she's precious!The print was found on clearance at Kirklands and the small cast iron pig was an unexpected find at a coffee shop in a quaint little town near where I live.

When our builder's wife was cleaning the house before we moved in she remarked how much she loved the yellow color on the walls and asked if it was going to be a nursery. After I quit choking and laughing simultaneously, I said "no, at 46 years old it was definitely not intended to be a nursery!" But it is a lovely color of yellow from Sherman Williams called Golden Fleece. I liked the color so much, I painted the guest room downstairs the same color.

And lastly, the corner of good intentions. When The Princess started high school, it was my intention to scrapbook each year as it happened. I thought it would be a good bonding experience for us and ease the pressure of having a picture portfolio to display at her graduation party. My mother had given me all of her scrap booking tools when she declared herself "retired" from archiving the family records. Turns out neither The Princess nor I really liked scrap booking with all it's choices of borders, backgrounds, lettering, photo frames, etc. The Princess will be a senior this fall and I need a serious scrap booking intervention. Maybe I can bring my mom out of retirement on this project!

Thanks again for stopping by and taking the tour. Come again real soon now!

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