Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Home Tour- Guest Room

Welcome to the Home Tour!
This week Kelly is having us show our guest rooms. Good thing, I needed some motivation to get downstairs and spruce things up. It's been a while since I had real guests to occupy the space. Most usually College Boy stays down there giving up his old room to his girlfriend so she can share the "girl" bathroom with The Princess. I guess, technically, his old room is also a guest room too.

When we bought this house 5 years ago, we chose to finish out the lower level for a family/media room, guest room, and full bath. Sadly, stay over guests are few and far between but I try to keep it guest ready for a moment's notice. The Princess still has impromptu sleepovers downstairs but those "guests" usually end up on the couches and floor. I love using our home to entertain friends and family. I've had the privilege of exercising the gift of hospitality by opening up the space to a couple of summer interns over the past 5 years and hope to do the same this summer.

So here's the lower level guest room and bath:

Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime!

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Melissa Miller said...

Gina this is lovely.
~Beautiful colors and spaces. :)