Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Family Room Edition

I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful kitchens that Kelly had us post last week that I thought I'd play along again. When we moved to this city 5 years ago, we downsized a bit from our previous home. One of the things I could give up was the formal living room. We never used them in the houses we previously owned and no matter how much older I get, I just don't seem to be the "formal" type. Our family room is open to the kitchen/dining area and I like that for family time and entertaining.
Here's the view from my front door:
And a close up of the corner table. It came from my office in a previous life and I've been looking for something else to go there for 5 years! When I do find it, this table will go behind the couch where this lone end table has been doing a decent job of providing some visual depth behind the sofa.

And on the other side of the room-- our "ma and pa" chairs. I used to make fun of my
parents with their his and hers recliners but we do get territorial with our chairs don't we? The chair and a half belongs to the man of the house but when he's away...whoever is in it, owns it! I do love my leather wing back though and it's a recliner too. The leather is just a little cold in the winter which is why this blanket is usually hanging on the back of it! I've just recently added this basket tray to hold the remotes and my latest editions of Midwest Living. The candle is battery operated...and fragrant!

There are 2 areas in my family room that are a source of contention for me.
One area is the TV. We started out 5 years ago in agreement not to have a TV in this room. We finished out the basement and installed surround sound in the family room down there. We both agreed that by moving the TV area downstairs it would make watching TV an intentional act. What we didn't count on was how stinking COLD it is the the lower Iowa... in the winter. So the first compromise was that we would get a small TV that could sit on the end table and easily be put away when we were entertaining. It grew from there and that little TV has now grown to a 47 " complete with surround sound, DVR, DVD, and some other equipment that also requires a remote to operate. I've always believed that a TV should been heard and not seen (well, something like that) so have always hidden our TVs in a piece of furniture with doors. I cannot find such a wooden contraption in all my shopping excursions so the TV sits in broad view on this inexpensive stand from Target.Contention area #2 is the fireplace mantel. It has been my decorating bane for the past 5 during the spring/summer seasons. I have decor I like for fall & winter but have yet to find the right thing for spring and summer. I like Pottery Barn's style but this year's accessories are very beachy and that just does not make sense in Iowa. So here's my fireplace:

Discuss amongst yourselves. Your suggestions are welcome here!



Caroline said...

Black and white picture are always good for a mantel. Check out my tour. I painted a big letter B for my last name and used it to display. Also some fruit makes for a splash of color. What about some plants or candles.
Hopefully this will give you an opportunity to get some ideas after going though the home. Good luck!
Oh and love the TV story :)

blessedmomto7 said...

You could get one of those iron pieces like from TJMAXX or Gordmans then get some bottles to put on one or both sides and since you are in Iowa, put some wheat in those babies-you can find the fake stuff at Pier 1 :)