Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Don't Do Pink

I don't do pink. Black is safe. Green is my signature. Have a like-hate relationship with reds and organges. Sometimes yes to yellow. Rarely blue, except for aqua. Browns are best for my coloring although I am being set free from my obsession to khaki.
Maybe somewhere along the way I was told that redheads (the true, God-given at birth, un-altered by chemicals, color of my hair) should not wear pink. Maybe it was in the Foley's junior fashion and charm classes that I took in 7th grade but whatever the source, I took it to heart and have avoided the color. I don't dislike the color pink--just don't like it on me.

When I was pregnant with The Princess, I wanted to know the sex of child #3--my husband did not. I was happy with boys and could see myself with 3 of them but just in case there was a chance of double x chromosomes, I wanted to be prepared with a more feminine layette. So I found out and kept it to myself--for several months until delivery--so everyone else would be surprised (boys are the genetic norm in our families) and I could be prepared! I bought all manner of lacy, frilly, and pink items in secret. I was determined that girl child would be unmistakably GIRLY. When The Princess finally arrived, she was outfitted from day 1 with everything as far removed from the reds, blues and denims of her older brothers as I could find and always had a bow in her hair--even when there was no hair on which to fasten it. She had her dad's coloring too so she could pull off the pinks--all shades (bright, hot, pepto, electric, soft). That worked until she started getting an opinion of her own and went through her own "no pink" phase.

The other day when I went searching for some late winter additions to ward off the winter wardrobe doldrums, I fell in love with a pink scarf at Walmart and thought it was a bargain at $5. I was also inspired by this gal to try a few new ways to wear the fashion staple scarf. So what if it was pink, if it didn't work for me, I could always pass it along to The Princess who has come back around to "pinkness" in her own wardrobe.

So far I've been surprised at all the ways to wear it.
I pared it with this for work:

And brown corduroy pants and denim jacket for a more casual look:

And am thinking I could do this for an evening look:I may be on to something new. Maybe the lady at Foley's was wrong.-- I could have missed out on a lifetime of pink.



Beverlydru said...

I really could use that pink scarf. Are you sure you forgot to announce this is a give-away?
I cam over from BigMama's post. Nice to meet you!

Kaycee said...

Cute, I love me some pink though. I keep trying scarves and just think that I'm doing it wrong, so those are good tips.

Wanda said...

I heart them all! Great combos!

I'm inspired now. Thanks.

Donna D said...

Oh my gosh Gina. I can totally relate to this story. I NEVER ever wore pink of any shade until a few years ago. Danielle started twirling with a group from a nearby town and the mothers of the group were told to wear hot pink and black to ALL the competitions. I thought I'd die! Then I decided it wasn't SOOOOO bad and still wear it occasionally. (So maybe I just didn't like being told what to wear? LOL) I was a peach/coral/brown girl all my life until then!

Kim said...

I was an anti-pink gal for many years also but am now breaking out in pink all over. Especially melony pink. I actually have two pair of capris almost the same color because I bought one on clearance in January, forgetting I already had one that shade. And then there's that third pair a few shades darker. My mama, were she still alive today, would be laughing her head off at the 180 in my stance on pink. And she'd be tickled pink. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)