Friday, February 13, 2009

Because, You Just Never Know

When I started blogging, I made it a point to carry my handy little camera with me because you just never know when something happens that needs to be documented for all the internet world to see. The Princess and I "share" the camera and it has been in her possession for the past week or so due to some photo worthy events and activities of her own. I snagged it yesterday in anticipation of our big romantic valentine/ show choir competition/College Boy's birthday celebration weekend.
I also needed it to take a picture of my sadly bare fireplace mantel so that the nice lady at Pottery Barn can make some suggestions as to what I should do with it now that the Holy Family has been boxed away until next Christmas.

So as I'm venturing in to the CVS drugstore get prints made, I see an unusual sight in the flower bed-- a dead rabbit. Or should I say 1/2 a dead rabbit. I saw it but did not stay and ponder what demise that poor little bunny met to leave it half gone. I did wonder if the CVS drugstore management KNEW there was a 1/2 dead rabbit in their flower bed? I thought I might mention it to them when I checked out but I got distracted by the magazine posing the bigger question of whether Angelina Jolie was pregnant or not. Anyway...

On the way back to the car, I had to pass by the fore-mentioned dead rabbit again, but now it had company. Or should I say something was having it. A hawk, a for real Iowa hawk happily dining on it's order of 1/2 rabbit with mulch on the side. I couldn't resist. I thought the bloggy world might want to see. Close your eyes if your squeamish.

Because, you just never know...

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