Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For some unknown reason, our power went out for 2 1/2 hours tonight. There was no freezing rain or high winds, no peak usage surge or city-wide blackout...and I didn't forget to pay the electricity bill. It just went out...after dark... and before my tv shows were done taping. Here's what I learned from this short lived power outage:
  1. We don't know where all our flashlights are located.
  2. If we knew where they all were, we don't know if those flashlights have batteries.
  3. The wall switch (electric) that turns on the gas fireplace does work.
  4. The fireplace puts out a good amount of light.
  5. It is a good thing that I go a little crazy in the Yankee Candle store (see #1)
  6. It is not such a good thing when all those scents get mixed together.
  7. The Princess is brave. She was home alone when the lights went out.
  8. The Princess is resourceful. She found all the Yankee Candles and lit them.
  9. The Princess is determined. She was working on a project and continued doing so by candlelight.
  10. I will find glitter paint in the family room carpet for the next 8 months (see #9)
  11. We have at least 7 clocks that need to be re-set after you lose electricity.
  12. No power, no internet.
  13. No power, no American Idol--no Hollywood Round #3
  14. And lastly, I am too dependent on all things electrical for my comfort and entertainment.
No longer powerless,

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