Friday, February 6, 2009

What Was She Thinking?

We love her Bible studies. We gather in convention halls, arenas, church auditoriums, and around video screens to hear the message she has for our time. We call her annointed and inspired. We are blessed by her gift of teaching....

But what was she thinking? A Snuggie/Slanket? Seriously?
She's always saying you don't have to pray about pink. Clearly this purchase did not go before the throne either.
With much love and in pure jest,


MomApoo said...

Don't hate on the Snuggie! When electricity was out all over NWA last week...I brought our Snuggie to work. We didn't have lights or heat (or internet or phones) but we were trying to work. I was the only one who kept warm. I love the Snuggie!

Ryan and Sarah said...

Aunt Gina-

Are you hating on the Snuggie! I have one of thoses! Allison bought it for me for Christmas! And I happen to love it! They are great! Everyone should own one!!!! We miss you!