Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Lists

My husband asked me if I'd made my new year goals (aka new years resolution) to which I grumped, "NO"!
It's not that I'm opposed to the tradition, in fact I'm quite a fan of setting goals in general. It's just that I am tired of lists. I just need a break from lists. First there was the Christmas Gift List. It was actually a pretty short list. The men in my life couldn't come up with anything and The Princess' first draft looked like this:
1. Puppy

Needless to say, I handed it back to her and suggested that she fill it in with a few other things. Then her list looked something like this:

Chi hair straightener
Ugg boots (tall)
Tiffany heart toggle necklace
iPod (newer than the one she has which is "full")

I think it was her strategy to get me to think that a dog wouldn't be near as bad as this pricey list. It didn't work.

Then there was the Holiday Food Shopping List. Due to bad weather and slightly loose meal and party plans, I decided to stock up on all ingredients for several of my traditional party foods as well as menus that could be put together as the need demanded. I ended up with an overflowing pantry, 2 full refrigerators, and about 10 blocks of cream cheese. Apparently every appetizer I think is a must-have for a successful party requires cream cheese.

Next came the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day menu list. I have a great mother and mother in law who have set a very high standard of Christmas menus. I was compelled to re-create their meal traditions for my crew. My mother-in-law is a master at preparing most of her dishes ahead of time so she can enjoy the family and not spend all her time in the kitchen. That is also a goal I set for myself and so it required a strategy--another list.

Just when I thought I had it all wrapped up...came the Last minute things I forgot to get/shopping with my procrastinating sons list. It was Christmas eve and I was out shopping with my two sons and as well as many other males. It could have been entertaining if I'd had the time to stand by and watch the fiasco. These poor guys were at the mercy of some aggressive sales clerks pushing their wares.

Fortunately, my lists were helpful. The meals were made, parties were thrown, gifts were distributed and nothing made the Things to Return to the store list.

It's only the first day of 2009, I've got 364 more to go to get my new years goal list completed. I'll think about that list another day...

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