Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Joy

17 years ago I was in a hospital in Valdosta, Georgia to give birth to The Princess. I woke up that morning in the early stages of labor. But my doctor and the hospital were 1 hour away and since this was the 3rd baby, I wasn't about to fiddle around until the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Grandparents had already arrived for the Christmas holidays since traveling across 3 states in my condition was out of the question. So we left the boys with the grandparents and headed to the big city. By the time we arrived at my doctor's office, The Princess changed her mind. She wasn't quite ready yet to make her appearance. Since she was full term and everything indicated that she could change her mind, we decided to encourage her along with a little help from the P drug. A few hours later she came into this world very bright eyed and with a head full of blonde hair. Our Christmas Joy. Long awaited, much anticipated.

17 years later, she's still a joy...and she's still living life on her own terms.

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