Thursday, January 15, 2009

There Aren't Enough Clothes in My Closet

Seriously, I don't want to beat a dead dog but this is the coldest weather I've ever seen and apparently we are setting new records here in the midwest.

There just aren't enough clothes in my closet to put on to keep me warm. It is especially impossible if I don't want to appear to have gained 10 pounds overnight. Layers people--that's the only way to survive. Most of the year I sing the praises of Spanx but this time of year, it's Cuddle Duds that get my approval. Wouldn't it be great if the two companies combined their product and we got underthings that squeeze you in and keep you warm at the same time?!?

Some on our staff had nothing better to do today than test out this experiment:
What happens when you throw a cup of water into the air during negative degree temperatures?

Poof, gone in an instant.
Just like cellulite under Spanx.

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