Wednesday, April 1, 2009

McCafe coffee- no foolin

I do not consider myself a coffee aficionado, in fact, I'm pretty easy to please. I only started drinking the stuff about 10 years ago. It had something to do with peer pressure, jet lag and a Starbucks stand in an airport. They had me at Caramel Macchiato. Starbuck's isn't the only coffee I like, it's just the most available in my neck of the woods (or should I say, prarie). So when McDonalds unveiled their McCafe coffee, I figured it was worth a try--and it was free on a Monday not too long ago. The McCafe set up looked like a coffee shop and the gal making my drink seemed to have the froth & caramel topping technique perfected. Unfortunately, the taste was about equal to those convenience store cappuchino machines. Not so great--even for free.

Today, I saw a $500 Starbuck's card give-away on my Facebook page sidebar. Silly me, I fell for it and clicked in. Instead, I got this:

I like the McDonalds McCafe commercial mocking the pretense of some people who inhabit upscale coffeeshops (and stay there all day may I say) but I don't know if it's enough to keep me out of the Starbuck's drive-through this morning on my way to work.


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