Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've kinda been in a funk for a week. Just life stuff that happens--family, work, stress, too much TV and not enough sleep, too much world and not enough Word. My Esther study has ended and I don't have something else next to do. To be honest, I do better when there's accountability for homework involved and blanks to fill in! It has given me time to read Karen Kingsbury's newest book and review a couple other Christian non-fiction books. But nothing is a substitute for the Word.

Monday I was driving to work with one of our local Christian stations cranked up. I don't know where I've been or if they just recently started playing it, but I heard Chris Tomlin's song, I Will Rise for the first time. Instantly the words seeped down deep.

Then Monday evening as I was visiting my blogging friends in the internetty world, one posted this video:

I was reminded that Christ's death and resurrection secured-- for all who fully lean on Him-- a life with Him after this earthly one. I was also reminded me that God has overcome all sin, pain, and sorrow and His power is quite enough for my everyday funk.


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Gina said...

are there plans in the works for a small group study with some gals? Pick me! Pick me! :0 )
Thanks for all your work for 5th Tuesday... it was a BLAST!!