Friday, April 10, 2009

Along Withs

I love Thursdays. On Thursday mornings our hallways are filled with women heading to Bible study classes-- some pushing strollers, some pushing coffee carts. There are young ones and not so young ones and those who are somewhere in the middle. Some of them I call my dear friends and I always look forward to seeing them. That, and we usually take the opportunity after class to discuss serious Biblical truth(and a few less serious topics) over a hot plate of Mexican food.

This past week was the last lesson in Esther for the Thursday morning gals. I got to sit in on their class as I missed that lesson with my own Tuesday evening group. Beth's opening comments were significant to me that day. She said that we were not called to be autonomous and that we all needed "along withs" in our lives-- people to walk beside us in this journey. This is what some of these women are to me. They are the ones who will speak truth in my life when I need to hear it, they will encourage me in the tough times and celebrate with me in the victories. I am grateful for their contributions in my life and for working/worshipping in a community of faith that provides opportunities to study the Word of God and to growth friendships through those studies.

"My dear, dear friends! I love you so much. I do want the very best for you. You make me feel such joy, fill me with such pride. Don't waver. Stay on track, steady in God."
Philippians 4:1 The Message


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