Thursday, April 23, 2009

If You Give a Mom a Massage

If you find that your husband and the father of your children has scheduled a guy golf trip in another state on Mother's Day might want to schedule yourself a massage.

And since it is Mother's Day... you might take along your Princess and a friend to enjoy the whole spa experience with.

And if someone offers you spa cards to services in the big might plan a trip to that big city for the massage.

And if the big city is more than 2 hours away... you might decide it would be fun to stay over and really make it a special weekend.

But as you are really trying to be careful about might use Priceline to score some really good rates at a 3 1/2 star hotel in the big city.

And since there is a Cheesecake Factory in that big should definitely make plans for lunch there.

And because there is a mall surrounding that Cheesecake would be good to walk off the extra calories consumed at the Cheesecake Factory by walking around that mall and admiring the merchandise.

And if you have made the spa reservations,

And booked the hotel,

And decided ahead of time to which flavor of cheesecake you will order...

...You might want to check The Princess' school calendar to make sure there is NOT a required choral competition scheduled on the same weekend!

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Gina said...

I am so sad for you! Darn large group :(