Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nice to Be 'Preciated Ya'll

Have I told you what a great group of people I work with? Most everyday I am excited about going to work. When The Princess was discovering the trials of the service industry in her first job, she said, "You just don't understand, you work in the church world not the real world!". Well we all know that it's not perfect in "church world" (one staff member at another church would remind me that "sheep bite!") but this is one of the healthiest environments I've worked in and we value serving each other and our church family.

Administrative Assistants day is for some, a Hallmark holiday--something created to sell more cards, flowers, and to stir up feelings of false sentiment. For our staff of pastors and directors, it's an adventure and an opportunity to lavish fun on those who serve by their side day in and day out. Our staff goes over and above each year to make Administrative Assistants day memorable and meaningful.

This year was no exception...and this is how it all started:

With these invitations clipped to our computer monitors, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

On the day of the event, we were properly donned with appropriate attire for the occasion and were sent out for group pictures then to our awaiting stagecoach.

We were driven to an undisclosed location where we were given an assignment to complete before we would be fed. In keeping with the theme, we were taken to a boot/western wear store where we browsed the inventory, interviewed the octogenerian owners, shopped and photo opped. With that task completed, we boarded the coach to our next location- lunch!

We were treated to a catered BBQ meal inside one of the coolest buildings in town. One of our church members has created a working environment for his employees that reflects his company's values of excellence, teamwork, and creativity. We had our lunch in the "community room" complete with a ball pit and a loft with comfy chairs arranged in conversation condusive designs.

Other pastors lent their musical talents to serenade us with specially prepared songs of original compositions. The saw and sax jazz/country duet was a new musical genre all to itself.

"Now to some were given gifts of graphics, to others gifts of music, and
then to some gifts of navigating city streets in buses filled with chatty women and with no detectable shock systems...
But to others were given the gifts of food appreciation and

I'd like to thank all the staff who made this such a great day. Even without all this hoopla, we know that we are appreciated by your encouraging words and your servant hearts every day of the year. Thanks to the staff who stayed behind to take our place answering phones and making copies and taking registrations... we KNOW you appreciate us!

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Mary Ann said...

...this is so wonderful, it makes me so happy i found a church where things are done so tastefully! deserve it gina!