Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Yes She Did!

In the spirit of MckMama's Not Me Mondays, I have one of my own to share. And I'm glad to hear MckMama has had a better Monday than I did.

It may or may not have been months (or weeks) that somebody's vehicle has been held hostage at the local car repair jail. And that somebody may or may not have had enough when the vehicle was finally paroled only to have it die in the middle of what could have been the most traveled street in our fine rush the rain. And we may or may not have had to pay yet another towing fee for said vehicle to be hauled back to the car penitentiary.

And this slow boil of frustration may or may not have come to a full explosion when the custodian of said vehicle returned later to collect this new and improved vehicle only to find some inaccuracies in the billing process on top of what was deemed by some as flagrant customer service violations and general apathy. This possibly could have led to a verbal exchange that bordered on a heated discussion which ended in someone putting all manner of billfold, sunglasses and keys back into one's handbag with some sort of strength of force and left said establishment in mid-apology from the innocent bearer of bad news behind the counter. And it definitely was not an exit that was interrupted by another individual waiting the release of their vehicle who inquired of a certain someone, "I think we were in Bible study together, weren't we?"

Oh yes she did!

I may or may not have mumbled something excusing my bad behavior and quite possibly left the establishment with a repaired vehicle, a corrected bill, and egg on my face.

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