Thursday, October 2, 2008


I can feel the tension...the anticipation...inquiring minds want to know...
What's the top secret project that has taken me into the aisles of the man mall (hardware store) challenged my creative muscles (and a few physical ones too) and was important enough that I had to DVR 2 nights of the shows I was missing?


The varsity cheer moms put together a float to enter in the Homecoming parade. The final outcome far exceeded my expectations. I should have know better though when the "mom with the plan" also had a garage full of chicken wire, astro turf, and large amounts of heavy duty cardboard in various shapes and forms. Clearly this was a woman who lives to build floats. Well thanks to her vision, guidance, and chicken wire-- our float won 2nd place in the "open" category!

What I had not considered was that participating in the float building caper automatically enrolled you into hiking alongside said float for 10 miles (uphill all the way), tossing candy at children who stood along the parade route with pillowcases in hand waiting to capture the parade bounty, and by cheering as you hiked and tossed candy (thereby displaying where our daughters inherited their lung capacity and projection skills). No stunts, jumps or tumbling was attempted on our part in order to protect the general public as well as our tentative state of physical condition.

I remembered to bring the camera to capture the unveiling of the final product-- however, the camera dial must have been one notch off because what I got was some pretty bad video where a beautiful series of still shots were supposed to be. I will post it non-the-less because I know you are dying to see it and I'm ready to finish this post and go soak my feet! Please note all the various uses of white duct tape you see.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud. Good work on the blog; all of your posts are fun! You are doing a great job of sharing your stories in a creative way. And you are already ahead of me on the posting regularly. I just don't take the time...and school isn't too terribly exciting. I'm not sure the web is a great place to vent about parent frustrations...:)
love you,