Sunday, October 12, 2008

She has so much to learn

Due to a busy family schedule, the Princess was going to need to cook a few meals for herself. In order to ensure that there was indeed "something" to eat in the pantry, I took her grocery shopping with me to let her pick out things she would eat. Here's what she put in the cart:

Clearly she has a penchant for all things with pasta, tomatoes and cheese!
She has so much to learn...

Here's what I put in the cart:Yes, the candy corn bag is opened because I mixed it with the peanuts to put in my pumpkin candy jar and not because I may or may not could have waited until we left the store parking lot to have a few of the 100% sugar tri-colored treats!

If you haven't tried the Honey Maid Sticks, here's a great dip to serve with them! My first recipe post!
Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Ball

Beat together:
1 8 oz. package cream cheese
1/2 cup butter (not margarine)
1/4 t. vanilla
Add gradually and beat until mixed:
3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 T brown sugar
3/4 cup miniature chocolate chips
Refrigerate for 2 hours. Form into a ball. Refrigerate 1 more hour.
Roll in 3/4 cups chopped pecans.
Serve with graham cracker sticks (cinnamon, honey, or chocolate)

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