Thursday, October 30, 2008

I May Die on My Birthday

It is appointed unto man once to die. I know that and I trust my Maker with whatever day that may be for me. However, I do not live my life in such a way that would bring the end any sooner than is ordained for me. That is why I refrained from this ride at Cedar Point Park this summer:
Yep, 420 feet straight up, straight 120 mph. I could not do it and can't believe that I let the final fruit of my womb ride the thing.

Okay, back to keeping it safe...
My husband and I have been invited to join some friends on their anniversary trip to Maui. Lest you interpret the lack of an exclamation point in the previous sentence as lack of enthusiasm--let me assure you that I have visualized my toes in sand for several months now, may or may not have done the required amount of sit-ups in order to be seen publicly in a swimsuit, and searched every website in the internetty world regarding things to do and see and eat on said island. I have also packed and repacked a dozen times! That could also have something to do with the recent extortion tactics by the airlines to charge for each piece of luggage that you check. Regardless, I am very excited about this trip!!!!

The friends that are letting us tag along on this romantic vacation ARE the adventurous type. Just last year, she organized an all gal trip to hike the Grand Canyon. They hike, snorkel, sky-dive (i made that part up but I bet they would) --you get the idea. My husband's idea of a vacation is a cup of coffee, his laptop, and some serene setting. My idea of vacation is spas and shopping and dining on anything I don't have to cook. This could be interesting for all of us.

This is what they have talked us into doing...on my birthday....for fun. Bicycling down a volcano.

I've read the brochures, reviewed all the safety guidelines, beefed up the life insurance policy and agreed to go. It will be a great birthday...if I live to tell about it.

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