Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Not-so-Hopeless Mess

Don't ask about the office project. I got stalled but it will get finished. I'll show you...soon.
Until then, I'd like to share with you a project much larger in scope and impact than my puny office organization.
As I've shared previously, our city was devastated this past summer by flood waters of unprecedented proportions. I live way out of the flood zone and was only inconvenienced by the flood. However, I was not un-affected by it. The impact is still visible 4 months later. And the stories...they will tear at your heart.
Last Saturday I got to be a part of a clothing give-away to benefit women affected by the flood. This coming week, I get to be a part of another endeavor. Much of what I'll do is part of my job but I know that it is a part that also contributes to the greater good.
A ministry group called, Eight Days of Hope is coming to our community to provide skilled workers to help rebuild some 120 homes (all in one week's time--it takes me that long to get my office project done!). It is mind boggling all the elements that have had to come together for this to happen. Our God is big and our prayer is that His name would be glorified through the hands and hearts of His people through this event.
One of our pastors has championed this event in our community and church. He tells about it here. Please take a few minutes to check it out. I invite you to be a part of this as well. You can pray. There are still many details to work out and many needs that are just now surfacing. God is compassionate and tenderhearted to those in need. May He strengthen us for the task ahead.

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