Thursday, June 11, 2009

Visit the Loo

Loo, water closet, powder room, little girls room, john, can...

Whatever you call it, I was a little uncertain I wanted to show it on this week's Show Us Where you Live Tour. But I really like my bathrooms and I cleaned them up for company so here you go...

I'll start upstairs and work my way down.

Master Bath. Painted same sage green as Master bedroom. I love that the counter is taller than normal and the big mirror stretches the length of the double vanity--that is until it's time to clean the mirror! Our last house did not have a tub in the Master and I love me a good soak so it was top priority for this house. The shower is across from the potty but not anything spectacular to show off. Hopefully, the next house will have a BIG shower with multiple jets.

The Princess' bathroom. When we moved in 5 years ago, she was 12 and was sharing the bathroom with her 15 year old brother so I had it painted a gender neutral color. Now that she has it all to herself, I didn't repaint but have felt free to girl it up with the pink and green shower
curtain and towels.

The Red room. I love a red room and think every house should have one. For this house, I picked my powder room on the main level to paint SW Red Bay red. I had the builder frame the mirror and love how the white pops against the red. I just added the wire corner shelf so I'm not sure how practical it is to keep in this small space.

Lower level/Guest bath. I really wanted to paint this bathroom brown but I went through 5 sample colors and they all looked like poop (sorry) so my friend came over and helped me find this bluish green color that would look good with the wall colors in the guest bedroom and living area. I've tried to make it very spa like and stock it with hotel size shampoos and soaps. At Christmas/Winter I hang a red berry wreath where the grapevine is and accessorize with other red elements.

For more pretty pottys go here and enjoy the tour--just put the lid down when you are done.



Greetings from Guatemala said...

LOVE the colors in your bathrooms!! They look nice.

pumpkinpatches said...

I agree, the colors in all your bathrooms are nice! Great job and thank you for sharing.

nancygrayce said...

Your bathrooms are really pretty. I LOVE the red one! I want to do a red room and am working up the courage!