Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Wild Hairs Should Be Left Alone...

Yesterday I got what my momma would call a wild hair. For those of you not acquainted with southern colloquialisms, a "wild hair" is the spontaneous urge to do something. Some wild hairs should just be left alone.
It went something like this...

One day earlier:
The comforter on my bed needed cleaning so I took it off the bed to send to the cleaners.
I replaced it with a lighter weight down comforter. I liked the look crisp, clean look of the white comforter but thought it probably needed a duvet cover and now none of my pillows look quite right on the white.

The next day:
I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond with my 20% coupon looking for a deal that would transform my bed for a summer look.

I couldn't decide on a color because the sage green on my walls is really hard to match.

I went home without a duvet cover.

Later that evening after some online browsing for bedding inspiration I decided I needed a paint swatch to help me on my next shopping excursion. Having found none, I went down to the basement for a stored can of touch up paint to make my own.

The paint lid had been replaced by some painter with mammoth strength or had adhered itself to the paint can and took many and various screwdrivers and kitchen utensils to pry open.

Made my paint swatch. Washed out my paintbrush.

Went to replace the somewhat bent can lid back on paint can. This would require the assistance of a rubber mallet from the garage tool collection.

Go to the garage. Find the mallet from hubby's wall of tools.

In removing rubber mallet from its assigned location, a rusty rake topper (why did we keep just the top?) fell off the peg board and jammed into my wrist. Wrist begins to bleed. Wash out cut with peroxide. Put away paint can. Go to bed and hope I don't bleed on the white, unprotected down comforter.

Wake up with throbbing wrist and wondered when I had a tetanus shot.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, you will know that I did in fact get lock jaw and I'm hopelessly dying on my uncovered bed.

PS. Here's my inspiration from Ballard Designs--but more about that later:


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