Monday, December 1, 2008

A Thanksgiving Mishap

Our family gathering this year was quite the grown up affair. The "kids" in our family range between the ages of 16-26. We are past high chairs, bibs and nap times. The kids have graduated from being entertained by grandma's collection of little golden books to thier ipods and laptop computers. Conversations included catching up about their high school activities, college courses, the job market and pending wedding plans. No one had to be tended to, watched over, or put in time out. It was all so serene that our defenses were down. We calmly put the finishing touches on the the final dinner preparations and were called to gather for the blessing to begin.

We forgot there was a "baby" in the group- one that did need watching - a curious, black cocker spaniel mix named Nelson. Nelson was hungry and resourceful. And tall enough to reach the dessert table...

This was the scene of the crime:

And this was the culprit:

We had a good laugh, rescued what was left of the pumpkin pie...and put Nelson in time out.

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