Friday, December 19, 2008

Working from home

Thanks to modern technology on a snowed in day in Iowa, I can still work from home. I'll miss getting dressed up and putting on makeup (currently in my jammies, sans Clinique). I'll miss the friendly banter around the office halls (but Yammer is a pretty close second to being there). I'll miss the food, oh the goodies! We have some dedicated bakers in our church that make sure the staff is kept fat and happy during the holiday season. I'll miss the whirl of activity associated with the last working day before Sunday. We have a saying around our place, "It's Monday, and Sunday's coming." On Fridays there are bulletins to fold and brochure racks to fill, table displays to arrange and all manner of preparing the building for what may happen between Friday and Sunday.

This weekend is one of those extra busy times around church. Some of our wonderful musicians are presenting a Big Band Christmas concert tonight and Saturday night. This year they are adding the vocal stylings of some of my good friends and can I say...dang good singers. Our church has a blended worship style. Brass line Sundays are some of my favorite. Maybe it's the rebellious Baptist Preacher's Kid in me but I like the kind of music in church that makes you want to break out into DANCE.

OK, tangent over.

But there are advantages to working from home (other than the aforementioned jammies and no make-up). I can really multi-task when I work at home. Two loads of laundry are already in production. Dinner is thawing out for preparation. A few dust bunnies have been vanquished and I can take a little nap and no one will know!

What I didn't realize is what all I miss in my little neighborhood while I'm at work. Since it is an official SNOW DAY, there are kids out playing in the snow. The ones with mean mothers are shoveling the driveway before they can play. Since we live on a cul-de-sac we are the last to get plowed out by the city trucks so it's painful to watch those kids efforts diminished with one giant sweep of the big trucks blades that leaves a 2 foot snow wake right at the entrance of your driveway. Kid are resilient however. They shovel it out of the way and proceed to make a snow fort in the accumulating piles along the street.

At some point mid-morning, I heard the distinguishable beep, beep, beep of a delivery truck backing up into what sounded like my driveway. Drawing on my best Gladys Kravitz impersonation(Bewitched TV show reference), I ran to the window to see what was happening. This is what I saw:And knowing that it's my hubbies favorite store, I said to myself "What has he gone and done?" This would certainly pass for Santa's Sleigh for my guy. But alas they were backing up into my neighbors drive and not mine where they proceeded to unload their goods.

I guess I'll have to drop by in a little while to see what they got. Just kidding. I think I'll go take a nap, this working from home is tiring!

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