Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Was a Grande Day

I awoke this morning to rain and cold so I turned to the weatherman to see how bad it was going to be. Bad news--it's all downhill from here weather wise. He even used the "s" word for next week's forecast. This just can't be--I wish to linger in Fall until about March if that's okay with you.

So off I go with that dark cloud hanging over my head and proceeded directly to my favorite drive-thru before work. Due to cost and calories, I usually limit myself to just one of those sweet, caffeinated concoctions per week. It's usually a good week if I can hold out to Friday but it's Tuesday, and I'm giving in.

Double shot, extra whip and make it a Grande please.

Good thing I did. Got to work and our server was down. Not great news when 90% of my job is web based.

At least I had a hot drink.

1 comment:

k and c's mom said...

That looks like a lot of happiness in one cup! Maybe this should be a TWO latte week. :)