Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Transformation

I know I promised to post pictures when the fabulous Fall Porch Transformation was complete but there were a few hitches in my plan…lack of time, lack of talent, uncooperative weather, and high expectations to name a few.  When I was unable to replicate this photo from the Pottery Barn catalog,

Projects Sept. 2009 005

I resorted to what worked for me last year with a few twists. 

So join me for a little Fall Transformation Tour…


Front Porch this summer…

 Fall Transformation 004

Kept the spikes and ivy in the concrete planter but took out the dying summer flowers for some mums:

Fall Transformation 007

Close up of the straw bale arrangement:

Fall Transformation 018

The clay jack ‘o lanterns were purchased YEARS ago when we lived in Georgia where they were made.  They have survived 4 moves and have graced my front porch fall decor for 20 years.  After Halloween, they go back into hiding and are replaced with something else.

Here’s the moss basket out by the walkway…

Summer view…

Fall Transformation 002

First stage of transformation…

Fall Transformation 008

Final version…

Fall Transformation 015

The only crafting I did was these candles that I wrapped in burlap and placed in my bargain lanterns from Walmart…

Fall Transformation 013 Fall Transformation 009

Been moving them around to decide where I like them best.

Here’s a last minute project for the back deck which I can enjoy the view more than the front porch…

Fall Transformation 012

I added an old grapevine wreath to the top of the clay pot that held geraniums this summer.  I left the english ivy and fern but replaced the summer spikes with this fall grass.  I filled the empty spaces with pumpkins and gourds to finish off the fall look.

Here’s another view

Fall Transformation 014

It makes me smile as I pass by the sliding doors to the deck.

Here’s something else that makes me smile.  The Princess has some decorating talent of her own.

pumpkin! 015

Speaking of transformations, my Creator God does some spectacular work everyday whether we recognize it or not.  Sometimes it’s in the hearts of His children who allow Him to change us and then in every season He works transforming wonders in His creation.

Fall Transformation 017





k and c's mom said...

Ahhh. I love your fall posts! Makes me want to live farther north where there is actually FALL. Really enjoyed the pictures.

Liz said...

Beautiful! I especially love the pine cones and burlap with the candle. I'm thinking of doing something similar for our thanksgiving table. :)