Friday, October 30, 2009

I know! I seriously need to stop this obsession with all things Fall. But it's how I cope. It's how I cope with the fact that this southern gal has lived for 10 years on the frozen tundra of the midwest. It's how I cope with the fact that winter is coming. Long winters with lots of snow and little sunshine. Bulky coats and practical boots. Snow shovels and arctic temperatures.

So let me linger a little longer in the sunshine of fall.

The trees in my yard are still young. Their leaves do change color and fall but they do not produce massive amounts of leaves that require raking. Living on the open plains has it's advantages--whatever leaves that do fall from my trees are blown into the neighbors yards. So I go a little nuts when I see the leaves that fall from the mature trees outside my workplace. Some are bigger than my hands.

They are beautiful...

Do you see the cute animal print shoes? Do you see any socks or tights? No, it's an October miracle--warm enough to go bare footed!

Happy Fall,


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