Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

Have you missed me?
I know, it's been sometime since my last post and I'm so close to post #100!Well I've been busy and I thought I'd let some pictures tell the story...

5 year anniversary. August marked my 5th year anniversary serving on staff at New Covenant Bible Church. I love my job and the people I work with. This plaque is what every staff member receives on their 5 year anniversary. I have looked forward to receiving my own print. The artist is Timothy Botts and I have admired his calligraphy for many years and have a couple of his books. I am blessed to work in a healthy environment and know that what I do helps make a kingdom difference!

Labor Day weekend in Chicago! This was the view from our hotel room. If ever I move to Chicago and live in an apartment downtown, I want to live here.More fun- delicious steak dinner at Gibson's, nighttime view of the city from the observation floor at the John Hancock building, late night stop at Starbucks, a stroll on the Magnificent Mile, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen then a train/subway ride to the baseball game between Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox.

Football season has begun. We are an SEC family living in Big 10 country. We don't have any strong allegiance to our state's college teams so we love watching high school football. Our local high school is known more for it's basketball championships than football but the year is starting out great. They are 4-0 even after facing their strongest opponents. It's been great fun to watch a winning team and there's a cheerleader on the sidelines that I could watch all day long.

Projects. I've had a few projects around the house that I've finally wrapped up.

Changing over my closet...I love Fall colors and fabrics!
Put husband's divot tool collection in a shadow box.
Wall stencil over kitchen door.

Senioritis. 4 years ago I had a great plan that we would scrapbook through The Princess's high school years as the events happened. We inherited supplies from my mom and bought a book to get us started. What we soon discovered is that neither The Princess nor I much liked scrapbooking. We only got a third of the way through her freshman year and then lapsed into just making a pile of programs and pictures and dried up corsages. Now that she's a senior and a graduation party will be here before I know it, I have tackled that pile and am resolute to get it into some form of display. It will be hard to stay motivated when the professionals are turning out great pictures like this one:
I think one picture is worth a thousand scrapbook pages, don't you?


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k and c's mom said...

Love that senior picture, and the "wall words"!