Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm On a Mission

Apparently we are having a pumpkin shortage. A wet growing season and a run on the product last holiday season has resulted in a shortage of canned pumpkin this year. This is not good news especially when I've been requested to prepare my nearly famous molasses cookies. They are wonderfully delicious on their own but even better when served with a pumpkin frosting/dip recipe that requires, of all things, pure packed pumpkin. I had hoped that I had a can in reserve but when I searched the black hole that is my pantry I came out empty handed.
News agencies and grocery store managers assure the public that there will be an ample supply available the first of October but that doesn't help me now. I'm not desperate enough to scrape out my own pumpkin but I will not sleep until I get my hands on a can.

See you on aisle 9.

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