Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's Someone You Should Meet

I am not a huge fan of the Lifetime channel but I do know where to go if I need to see what nobody will be wearing on Project Runway, or if I need a sappy movie cry fest, or if I have a hankering for past season episodes of Grey's Anatomy. However, my opinion of the network rose a bit when I heard about their "Every Woman Counts" campaign and it skyrocketed when they choose to feature someone I happen to know.

I first met Jodie when she was a newlywed, freshly transplanted to Iowa to join her new husband who was the worship pastor at the church we attended. I knew her as quiet and smart girl who would never put herself "out front" for any recognition (and was perhaps scarred for life when she was coerced into performing in the staff/spouse band during a women's ministry event). As she entered motherhood, I saw her handle the rambunctiousness of boys with unflappable style and grace. After my family moved to another city, I continued to follow her life through articles she wrote for a church publication then later through her blog. I was inspired by her family's journey of faith when they had a child born with physical challenges. Trusting God through that time stirred her already sensitive heart to open itself up to other children who are suffering in our world.

You can read more about her here, and I hope you will because she is really someone you should know...

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Mary Ann said...

...yikes, she's in with some pretty wild secular celebs!!!...GOOD FOR JODY!...thanks for sharing!...hope you're doing well!