Friday, November 6, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude, Days 4, 5, 6

Oops, playing catch up here! This is harder than I thought--not finding things to be thankful for but sitting down and capturing those thankful thoughts on paper, er- computer screen. It has been a challenge with my schedule this particular week.

Sooooo, I'm giving you three for one...

Today I am grateful for my children (there are other days this gratefulness could be a challenging concept).

Today is #1 son's birthday. It was a sunny fall day such as the one I am experiencing today that he chose to come in to this world 25 years ago. He was a calm, scheduled baby and a compliant, easy going child through elementary school. He is the athlete of the family and we spent many memorable days and nights doing bleacher time watching him play football, basketball, and baseball. Today he is generous and fun-loving--a big man with a big heart. There have been some bumps along the way in this process of growing up but God has helped me see the prodigal tendancies in my own life and each day I have the privilege of praying for him and encouraging him as the opportunity is given.

College Boy is the middle child. He is shy but witty and smart. He likes reading the classics, listening to obscure celtic bands, and taking things apart! I've known from his earliest years that he was wired to be an engineer. He is graduating from college this May and my prayer for him is that he would be established in his career and life in a way that is honoring to God.

The Princess. When I was pregnant with #3, I wanted to know the gender and my husband did not. I was perfectly content with the idea that I might have all boys and at that time was pretty confident that I had it all together in the parenting realm (what's the verse about pride going before a fall?). But I wanted to be prepared for what #3 would be and so with hubby's approval, I found out the gender but had to keep it to myself. I soooooo get the verse where Mary, the mother of Christ, "treasured these things in her heart". It was the hardest secret to keep! My OB appointments were in another town so I would buy pink with abandon and kept it locked away for safe keeping. The Princess came into our world on Christmas eve eve and we gave her the middle name "Joy". For the most part that is what she has been to our family-pure joy. She was girlie to the boys brawn, ruffly to their rough, but not necessarily quiet to their loud. She had a way of making her presence known and used far more words in the first 3 years of life than her brothers combined! Today, she is driven and determined. She is talented and beautiful. I will miss her terribly when she graduates and goes off to college. My prayer for her is that God would protect her heart and guide her path--she is His princess as well!

I'm now a teary-eyed mess.

I would be grateful for your thoughts and prayers this weekend. I've been asked to speak at a women's retreat on the topic of journaling/blogging. Naturally, when you are talking about "using words", you want to "use your words well" so if you think of it, pray for me!


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