Friday, July 17, 2009

Never Underestimate a DIY Project

It was a perfect storm--one old wicker love seat scavenged from a give-away pile, one too many posts by the queen of bargain shopping/refinishing, and one overdue promise to make-over The Princess' room-- so began my first trash-to-treasure project. I'm such an amateur that I forgot take any "before" pictures.

Several months ago I rescued a white wicker love seat from my neighbors driveway (it had a "free" sign on it). Never mind that these were the same neighbors I used to make fun of for all their random yard ornaments and lack of proper lawn maintenance. I walked behind my husband's car for a 1/2 block to make sure it didn't fall out from the corner to my house. Even after that gentle rescue, it sat in the garage for several weeks until I cleaned it up and brought it inside. I put it in College Boy's room because The Princess wanted NOTHING to do with it.
Some months later, I found Rhoda at Southern Hospitality and she inspired me with her knowledge of all things paintable and I thought, "why not?". I then moved the love seat back to the garage where it sat for another length of time whilst I searched for spray paint with the trigger sprayer lest I cramp my pointer finger using the old stand by spray paint can.

Once the trigger spray paint was located and a suitable color chosen (espresso brown), I left the Home Depot with my one can of paint--another novice move.
How was I to know that a worn white wicker love seat would soak that espresso paint up like a sponge to water? One can did not even come close to covering that little love seat. So I returned to the store and purchased 2 cans of trigger spray paint certain that this would complete my project. Wrong again. Certain that my purchase of multiple spray paint cans was raising the suspicions of the Home Depot sales team, I went to a different store and purchased 2 more cans of paint.
Five cans later and some $5 pillows from Walmart, the project came to completion and The Princess deemed the love seat suitable for her dwelling.

I will never underestimate another spray paint project again!

More evidence of my inexperience--telltale spray paint on hubby's garage floor!

And for those who really missed seeing The Princess room on the Show Us Where You Live Home Tour:


k and c's mom said...

Thanks for the comment and sweet words. I, too, look for more bloggers my age (but I love the young mom blogs since my daughter is that age!) I'm sure there is a way to search out moms in the Class of 76, but I haven't found it yet. I'll be back by your blog.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Gina, thanks for coming by & leaving a comment. I'm so happy that I inspired you to get some spray paint & fix up that old wicker. It looks great now!! See, it wasn't that hard & now you can do other things. And yes, you have to put down some cardboard or a big paint cloth to catch that overspray. I usually spray my big stuff on the backyard grass. I hope you'll try more things now. :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, about the yardsales, I think you just have to go often enough & you, too will find great things. I don't think it is just my town that has good stuff. I grew up in ATL & found equally great stuff there & B'ham is no exception. So, I have a feeling there is good stuff out there for all of you, it just takes some patience & time to look for it.

Lindsey said...

Gina, I am into DIY projects too! I just spray painted a bench to go outside our front door. It's so addicting! I just find myself looking for more things that need a little spray paint. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!