Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Ate at Bishops...and I Liked It!

After dropping off The Princess at her last cheer camp of her high school career, I made a stop at the mall in the town. I find it my civic duty to stimulate the economy of the local economy whenever the opportunity presents itself. After a casual stroll through the mall, I sensed the need for some nourishment and headed to the food court to check out my choices. Finding no court to speak of but only a few unappealing fast food choices, I decided to see what the Bishops Buffet had to offer.
I was drawn in by the $6 all you can eat buffet and was undaunted by its reputation as a senior citizen hangout. Maybe I'm getting too close to that discount rate age, but I enjoyed my meal and the experience. Okay, laugh if you must but I found it all quite pleasant.

Here are some of my observations from my short lunch at Bishops:

  • Sliding a tray through a meal line brought fond memories of summer church camps & college dining halls
  • "Life is short, eat dessert first". What's not to love about a place that has dessert as one of the first choices you make!
  • Real food on real plates--no paper bags, wrappers, or plastic take home containers!
  • Not once did a cell phone ring.
  • Conversation over dinner. No one appeared to be in a hurry and they were willing to sit and stay a while (and no annoyed waitstaff hoping you'd leave so they could seat another guest)
  • No matter how young or old you are, there is someone willing to carry your tray!
I don't care if they card me on future visits--I'll go back again!

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