Monday, March 28, 2011

Save Yo Drama for Yo Mama

There were things that I was looking forward to forgetting when my daughter graduated from high school. Like drama--girl drama, that is.
So when a friend mentioned that her 8th grade daughter had high school cheer try-outs last week, I experienced a little post traumatic stress syndrome.
Four years of
cheer try-outs,
dance captain selections,
show choir try-outs,
musical try-outs,
solo try-outs.

Not that girl drama was confined to sports and performing arts.
Lunch table selection
Student council elections
Sleep overs
Homecoming dance, Women Pay All dance, Prom (pretty much anything that involved a date)

I was thinking that it went away with graduation. Apparently not.
College Roommates
Sorority recruitment
Spring Break
Old friends vs. New friends

And if you watch the Real Wives of OrangeCountyNewYorkAtlantaDCBeverlyHillsNewJersey
(none of which are HOUSEwives or REAL), it does not appear to be something one outgrows.

But we can. And we should.
Forgive often
Love One Another
Practice Grace
Turn the other cheek
Do not repay evil for evil

And that is a lifetime pursuit.

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