Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Miss My Peeps

I miss my peeps.
According to my daughter, I am not cool enough to use the word "peeps" in any form--written or verbal. But I shall. And I am not referring to the marshmallow treats that adorn the store shelves this time of year--although I like them too.

There's a random group of us that gather on Thursdays for lunch and occasionally for a girls night out. We are a very eclectic mix of personalities and the cast of characters fluctuates with part time jobs and life demands but anytime we are together, we pick up right where we left off. I am the oldest of the group but have learned so much from them. We've helped each other through our children's teenage drama, aging parents, marital ups and downs, and a broad range of woman issues too delicate to mention here.

Varying Spring break trips and busy lives have gotten us off schedule now for nearly a month. I'm ready for life to settle down and get the next lunch date scheduled!

I read this phrase in an "inspirational" booklet the other day and it made me think of them:

There's no problem
that friends cannot
plot against,
make fun of,
drown in chocolate sauce
or run over with the car.

Smile. Is it Thursday yet?

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ks said...

I have a group like that too. LOVE THEM! Sarah Groves wrote a song about her girl friends: "Every burden I can't carry, every joy is understood. Life with you is half as hard and twice as good".